sabato 28 agosto 2010

Megavideo? Bad choice for streaming

Crappy site

Ok, we all know about megavideo, you can watch almost anything, movies, tv series, anime, you name it, but the "72 minutes limit" gives us a limited enjoyment of the site (in other words its damn annoying).
So after many days trying to find a decent streaming site I find this two.
The first one is

Overall good

It has a moderate library, uses divx web player to stream ( you can download it here ).
Overall I give it a 6.5/10 because there's still something missing. A wider library would be great.
That's when I found this little gem right here:

The God of streaming
This site here uses the same thing as divxstage, the divx web player I linked before.
Let me tell you one thing, this site has everything, I found movies, tv series, anime, whatever you might need.
You can either watch the content online or simply download it from the site itself.
All the videos are in great quality, not like the videos from megavideo.
The only drawback of this site is that the buffering takes more time then megavideo, mostly because of the size and quality of the files.
So that's why I give it a 9.5/10
Have fun, and enjoy your next movie on the best streaming site on the web.

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  1. cool page bro. following.

  2. good info here

  3. i agree, megavideo is the crappiest streamer. get some more content up, looks good!

  4. I will add more things, more sites to get stuff. Next post will be about anime and manga if anyone's into that so stay tuned ;)

  5. Nice blog! I'll be sure to check back often =) Please check out my blog if you get a chance:

  6. gonna check out stage vu when i wake up, thanks

  7. I feel you on this one. I'll be back often to check for updates :3

    Check out my page as well :3

  8. Interesting sites, I use megavideo to watch the Star Wars Clone Wars tv series, but that time limit does get pretty annoying. I'll have to check out that stagevu site.

  9. Megavideo pisses me off FUUUUUUU-

  10. mega video has great quality but the timelimit sucks D: