venerdì 3 settembre 2010

Where to watch or read anime and manga

Like I said I would, this next post will talk about anime and manga.
Let's start with anime.
Overall there are many places where you can watch anime online, being or others, but I found two sites that caught my attention.
The first one is

Good streaming
 It has a large library, you can find anything you would like here, even anime movies.
But like all anime streaming sites I know, they have to rely on other big names such as megavideo, 4share, myspace, etc. But it's a good place to watch anime in a organized way.
The other streaming site, wich is very similar to kumby but still is my favorite, is

My favorite so far
This site, like I said, is pretty much the same as kumby, but I still prefer it, considering it has american cartoons too (simpsons, american dad, family guy etc). So if you want to watch anime, until I find a better one, go for this two.

Now let's talk about mangas.
It's a little bit easier here, there are countless sites that host mangas, but such as anime and movies, there are good and bad ones.
The first one is

1st choice
There's really nothing bad about this site, so check it out. Large library so you will find any manga you might want.(I just double checked and onemanga is down, so unless it will get back up, choose the 2nd option)
The second one is

2nd choice
Onemanga and mangafox are pretty much the same, though lately mangafox had to deal with copyright and "mature mangas" issues, so the staff removed over 350 titles from the library. It used to be better, but it's still good.
That's it for now.

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  1. i used to watch onemanga
    but they kinda blow lately since they dropped bleach

  2. Yeah, I haven't watched it in a long time either.

  3. love me back, i have been loving your page.

  4. yeah, dropping bleach wasn't cool

  5. lol man u use the same sites ido :)

  6. One manga was cool but I heard they shut down recently

  7. Yeah my bad, I just checked it and it's down. Well, mangafox then lol

  8. Thank you, I always loved managa and animation :)
    Great post

  9. I'm a big manga fan.
    informative pages u got there.

  10. i found hulu is good for more main stream anime stuff. and its in 720p i think but its for US ips only i think

  11. i love horror manga.

    Sillyoldbum <<<<<<<<<<<<